Friday, January 17, 2014

Blog Hints / Group Blogs

I just wanted to give you a few hints about using the blogs for our class. Part of this post is intended just to remind you of what I said in class, and part of it might not be perfectly obvious.

Here's the easy way to start posting on your group blog:
1) Log into your Gmail account, at, and keep the account open.
2) In a different browser tab or browser window, open
3) To start a new blog post, click on the pencil or "New Post" button.

Here's the reasonably easy way to return to a blog post you worked on earlier: 
1) If you haven't done so, log into your Gmail account.
2) If you haven't done so, open up Blogger in another tab or window.
3) Click the pages or "Posts" button.
4) Move your mouse pointer over the post you want to go back to.
5) Click on "Edit" when it appears.

Here's a link from Google about how to post to a blog:

And, for future reference, here's how you look at your classmates' posts:
-- The link for Group 1:
-- The link for Group 2:
-- The link for Group 3:
-- The link for Group 4:

Now, can you figure out how to write comments on your classmates' blog posts?

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