Monday, January 6, 2014

Important First Details

Dear Students of Ishai Barnoy,

If you made it here, that's great.  Welcome to the blog for our class.  This will be our central website for course information -- announcements and assignments most of all -- from the beginning until our last day.  

This here -- what's called a "post" -- will be our very first announcement.

So take a moment to notice the organization of this website, this web-log, or just blog.  Notice that the newest post, which will contain the newest announcement or assignment information, always appears at the top (see the dates?), while the older posts proceed downward.  Notice how this older post will always stay at the very bottom, while all the newer posts will accumulate on top.

Now notice the other elements of this blog.  On the right (going from bottom to top) there's my short and ridiculous introduction, with the picture of a smurf that kinda looks like me.  Right above it is the blog archive.  The blog archive will be your way of getting to older posts quickly.  Just click on the appropriate month (if necessary), then the appropriate date, then you're there.  And right above the blog archive is a clickable list of labels, for quick access to different blog topics.

Makes sense?  That's pretty much all there is to such a simple blog as this!

Oh, I almost forgot!  How do you get in touch with me?  That's important, but also very simple -- just send me an email (I recommend using a Gmail account of your own to do it, so that you can chat with me if you make an appointment).  But please note: I'm going to spell out my email address.  The reason I'm spelling the address out is to avoid spammers.  Spammers are mostly just these automated pieces of software, or "bots," which are programmed to scour websites for people's contact information.  You, however, are much smarter than automated bots, so you'll be able to translate what I give you into a proper email address, right?

So here it is: 

barnoy (no space) english ["at" symbol] gmail [dot] com

Got all that?

Be aware: The next post will contain our course syllabus.  That's important, too!  For now, though, all the stuff here is a great start.

See you soon!

-- ib (which stands for Ishai Barnoy -- but I'll be using "ib" because it's, uh ... cool)

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