Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Classwork: Better, Pages 1-28

Here's the link for the classwork I intended for us to work on today:
It's a handout that contains a little bit of directions and a short list of questions to answer in groups. For your information: This is what classwork about sections from Better will generally look like.


And here's the plan for today:

-- You are not required to do this assignment. I will not take points off if you don't do it. (Be aware: On future school cancellations, I might make classwork required and graded.)

-- If you want to try this class work, you should work on your own. (You are not required to work in groups this time.)

-- If you want to do this assignment, choose just one question from the classwork to work on. (It might be wise to see if other classmates already answered certain questions, then choose a different question than they did. But this is not required, either.)

-- Post your response as a new blog post on your group blog.

-- Write a short comment, if you want, in response to one of your classmates' answers. (You're welcome to look on other group blogs to do so.)


Meanwhile, don't forget that there is homework (graded homework) due this coming Thursday night. There is even homework due today, before 5:30 PM (remember those two blog posts?). For more information, scroll down and look through the previous blog posts below.

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