Thursday, January 30, 2014

Homework for Next Week (and a Heads-Up)

For next week (meaning, before class on Tuesday), please read the next chapter in Better, p. 51-69. Also, please be sure to bring your book to class. Either an e-book version or a hard-copy (paperback or hardback) are fine -- and, in fact, if you can work with the audiobook, and you've got that, then you can hook up with headphones and work with the audiobook, too.

Now, let me give you a heads up about the assignments due after class next Thursday, by 11:59 PM.

First and most important: You have to write critiques for two of your classmates' first drafts of Essay 1. Today, Thursday, 1/30/2014, I'll assign each of you two classmates' to work with; and that's all I'll do today. We'll go over what goes into a critique in class next week. Just be aware that a critique is both casual and structured. So a critique doesn't have to be polished (in fact, a conversational and personal critique is the most appropriate), but it does need to present ideas clearly (and by "ideas" here, I mean criticisms or observations or questions or encouragements for a classmate, regarding his/her draft) and it needs to organize its points into paragraphs effectively.

Second, you will have another blog post to write. If you look at the course schedule, which is found in our syllabus, you'll see what this blog post is about. I won't say more here -- except this: This blog post is directed toward the work that you'll be doing for essays that come after Essay 1.

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