Thursday, April 10, 2014

Independent Work Report, 4/10/2014

Remember: Today we're doing the same thing as last class -- working independently on our research papers and your critiques for your classmates' research paper drafts. I'll be in class again, too, during the usual class time, and I'll be ready to help you, if you need help.

A quick heads-up, though: Next week, all week, we'll be working on our Final Exam: Part I. On Tuesday, you will get one type of essay to read and respond to, and on Thursday, you'll get another type of essay. These are both types of essays that you've both read and written yourself. Your assignment, though, will be to write a critique in response to each of them. So be sure to work on effective critiques, with effective structure, and critical advice.

Lastly, just like last time, I'll need a short email report from you by 7:45 PM tonight (roughly 100-200 words):

Independent Work Report

1) What did you plan to work on either in-class or independently today?

2) What did you succeed in accomplishing in your in-class or independent work?

3) How has your task schedule been working for you? What can you do in the near future to improve your work habits in order not only to get your work done in a timely manner, but also to feel good about it?

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