Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Independent Work Report, 4/8/2014

Don't forget: Today is dedicated toward independent work on your research paper. If you like, you are welcome to work from home today, or wherever you might be comfortable working. Likewise, you are welcome to come to class and work there. I'll be in class during our usual class times, and I'll be ready to answer whatever questions or concerns you might have.

And, if you're in class, I'll be happy to talk to you one-on-one about your Essay 3. Just be aware: I will look only at one paragraph at a time; I will not read your whole essay and tell you what's good or bad. The reason: What you need to do this week (and all this semester, for that matter) is not only to develop a stronger essay, but also to develop effective research and writing practices for yourself. What I'll do is I'll try to give you an idea about one spot in your paper, then I'll let you figure out the deep solutions on your own.

Whatever you choose to do this week, I expect you to do some work on your Essay 3, during class time. And whether or not you come to class, I'll be expecting you to fill out and either hand or email me a short report (roughly 100-200 words total), by 7:45 PM tonight, that answers all the following questions:

Independent Work Report

1) What did you plan to work on either in-class or independently today?

2) What did you succeed in accomplishing in your in-class or independent work?

3) Based on your results today, what do you hope to accomplish on Thursday?

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