Monday, April 7, 2014

Taking Your Research Paper (Essay 3) to the Next Level

Over the next few weeks, we will have our Final Exam: Part I, and we'll do course evaluations, too. But the most important assignment, by far, is your Essay 3: Argumentative Research Paper. Be sure to look at the course schedule on the syllabus to keep up with drafts and critiques and our two-part final exam. Meanwhile, let me give you some reminders and structured advice.

First, be sure to take another look at the Essay 3 assignment and rubric:
Are you following all the directions in the assignment? Are you answering all the different grading points in the rubric? Go through your essay, verify, and revise accordingly.

Second, take a systematic look at your Essay 3 draft and develop it. The key to revising a longer, more carefully structured essay is to break down your approach. Here's a handout I've put together to help you revise your essay task-by-task:

We'll take a look at this detailed revision handout in class, but you should take a look at it yourself, too. Especially since this week is geared toward independent work on Essay 3, the weight of the work is on you. So be sure to develop responsible practices for your independent work. 

Lastly, remember that what's due this week: Critiques! You have been assigned two critique partners, and your critiques are due by 11:59 PM Thursday night.

And if you have questions about any of the above, as always, email me.

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