Thursday, February 20, 2014

Practice Article Write-Up

Here's a link to an article from The New York Times about a health- and healthcare-related related topic:
Take the time to read this article on your own and to make notes to help you follow the writer's discussion and her supporting details.

Now here's a link to a handout that breaks down how to plan and put together a basic research write-up for any article:
(Please note: You may want to refer back to this handout when you work on your own individual research write-ups. Notice the label on the right, "article write-ups." This label will get you back to this blog post and to other blog posts that contain useful information about research write-ups.)

Okay, now get together with one other classmate or two and start to put together a joint research write-up, in basic summary-and-response format. Once you're done, or once the period is over, please turn in what you have.

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