Sunday, February 9, 2014

Reminder: Editing Drafts and Grammar Comments

To remind you, your next draft of Essay 1 is due this coming Thursday, by 11:59 PM, on your group blog. This draft will be posted in the same way as your previous draft. Just save it on Google Drive, then share it, then post a link on your group blog, with the label, "Essay 1 Draft 2" or "Essay 1 Editing Draft." (Let's decide in class about what label we'll use.)

To start, please make absolutely sure that you save this next draft of your essay in a different file from your first draft. I've said this a number of times in class. Again, please save your new draft in a separate file and work on it there. This is important because I'll be scoring this new draft, your "editing draft," based on the revisions you've made from your first essay. So I need to be able to see both versions of your essay to give your work a fair assessment.

Once you've made sure to separate your new draft from your old one, work on just the new draft. My advice is this: Try to make deep revisions. Don't be afraid to make bad changes; that's just how the writing process works. Also, be aware: If you've saved your first draft separately, you can always go back to that draft and recover something you've changed in your later draft. In other words, if you've planned effectively and saved your different drafts separately, your work is never lost.

Lastly, don't forget to go back to your critique partners' essays (their first drafts), and collect some sentences that you think have grammar issues in them. Copy down one sentence from each critique partner's draft, and be sure you copy it down exactly. Then bring the two sentences you end up with to class on Thursday. We've talked about making revisions, now we'll move toward editing, which is all about spotting and correcting minor errors like grammar, spelling, and so on. We'll talk a little bit about grammar and grammar comments in class on Thursday.

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