Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Reminder: This Week's Deadlines

This is just to remind you:

1) The second draft of your Essay 1, what I'm calling your "editing draft," is due on your group blog, posted as a link to a Google Drive document, by 11:59 PM Thursday night. (To repeat: I will score this draft based on the differences I notice from your first draft, so be 100% sure you're working on a new file with this draft.

2) Your comments in response to another student's research topics blog post is also due by 11:59 PM Thursday night. (You may respond to whomever you like, but if you're feeling generous, look for someone who hasn't received a response yet.)

And lastly...

3) Your grammar comments, in response to your critique partners' second drafts, their editing drafts, are due by 11:59 PM Friday night -- a day after the second drafts are due. (You're only required to make one grammar comment for each critique partner. And please restrict yourself to just one or two editing suggestions or grammar errors. If you notice that an issue repeats in different places, point out just one of those places, then say that this issue repeats in the essay.)


(Just a note: These deadlines will stand even if school is cancelled on Thursday. If you're worried you might miss the deadline because of the snow, I suggest you try to submit your draft early. Maybe you should even submit it by this evening, before the snow starts, just to be sure.)

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