Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sample Article Write-Ups

Remember that article write-up exercise from class? Well, here is one former student's attempt to put together an article write-up in response to the article we read:
Take a moment and look through this write-up. What is this student doing well? What is this student doing not-so-well? What can you learn from this student?

Now here's a write-up for an article that I haven't provided for you:
Likewise here, can you see what this student is doing well or not-so-well? Can you see what you might learn from the way this student has put together this write-up?

Finally, please don't forget: Article write-ups are casual writing assignments. Like critiques, they are not meant to be perfect. In fact, they're not even meant to be well-argued or thoroughly consistent, the way critiques should be. Write-ups are simply one step in the research process. The idea is merely to start to organize your thoughts about articles you've found in your research, one-by-one. Believe me: Once you've done this, it's much easier to put together more complicated, more formal research essays.

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