Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Essay 2 Draft 1 Score Report

Here's your score report for your Essay 2 Draft 1:


As you look at your score, please note that in looking over your drafts, I gave points to the following:

     1) Summary structure (one solid paragraph that starts with the thesis and basic details, then moves on to major points,

     2) Summary completeness (a summary made of strong, effective paraphrase that credits the authors for each major point),

     3) Response completeness (a direct thesis, followed by a point-by-point breakdown of your support for this thesis),

     4) Response structure (using each paragraph of your response to clearly do something different from the other paragraphs), and

     5) Citations (here I looked for substance, not format; I was essentially looking for all the important basic details that identify an article to be there, or at least most of them).


Special note: If you think your essay is lacking on any of the above, don't just jump to your draft. Instead, start by taking down some notes. Then be sure to save a new draft of your essay, and start making your changes there -- never in your first draft! Also: You might consider using the above parameters as ideas to consider in writing your critiques.

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