Saturday, March 15, 2014

Essay 3: Argumentative Research Paper

I know you're still working on your Essay 2. In fact, you should be sure to check out my reminders about Essay 2 in the blog post right below this one. But remember also that all your research assignments this semester are directed at putting together a detailed research paper at the end of the semester. Which makes this week the perfect time to preview Essay 3: Argumentative Research Paper.

Here's the assignment for Essay 3, with a detailed rubric:

And here, for you to consider closely, is a sample research paper:

Take a look at both of these, and see if you're getting an idea of what the "big picture" of your Essay 3 is starting to look like. I'll definitely make sure to look at these documents with you next time we meet. And if you have questions, either email them to me or bring them with you to class next week.

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