Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Reminders for This Week and Next

Please remember...

-- Since we won't be meeting this Thursday, I'll be posting an online assignment for you to do. This assignment should be up tomorrow, Wednesday, 3/5/2014. This assignment will be due by Saturday night, 11:59 PM.

-- The first draft of your Essay 2 is due on your group blog this Thursday night, 3/6/2014, by 11:59 PM. Please post your draft as a link to a Google Drive document. Just don't forget to "Share" your document with "Anyone with the link." Also: Once you post your link, highlight it and click "LINK" to make that link clickable.

-- Your two critiques (each a complete, casual essay of 500 words) in response to your two (2) critique partners' essays are due in the comments section of each of their drafts next Thursday night, 3/13/2014, by 11:59 PM. You may, if you like, either copy-and-paste your critique into the comments section or provide a link to a Google Drive document (your choice). But please, post your critiques only in the comments section below each of their drafts.

-- Also, by 11:59 PM next Thursday, 3/13/2014, please submit what I'm calling "a search" -- basically, a document (emailed to me) which contains your developing Works Cited page (or, in other words, a list of the citations for all the articles you've used in your research so far). On this Works Cited page, please follow up each citation with a few comments about the content and effectiveness of the article that this citation refers to. These should just be casual comments to help me see what you think you'll use each of your sources for.

-- Lastly, please make sure to keep up with any announcements I might need to make in the meantime.

Have a great Spring Break!


P. S. -- Those of you who submitted your Essay 1 to me via email: I should have your essay back to you within the next few days. And if you submitted your essay by hard copy and you didn't receive it, or you weren't able to make it to class today, please email me. I can scan the essay with my comments and email you a copy.

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