Sunday, March 2, 2014

In Case of Snow...

In case you haven't heard, there's snow in the forecast, and with snow comes the danger of class cancellation. But remember that whenever class is cancelled, you should look here for the alternate plan. Let me give you the preliminary plan, the "just in case" plan.

First of all, don't forget that we're not meeting this Thursday, 3/6/2014. I've already got an online activity for you to do. I plan to post this activity sometime on Wednesday.

Now, second of all, if class ends up getting cancelled on Tuesday, 3/4/2014, because of snow (and please always double-check on for up-to-date cancellation messages), I'll prepare another activity for you to do. I will also assign each of you a new critique partner (in other words, someone whose first draft of Essay 2 you'll have to read and respond to with a 500-word critique). So please be sure to go on here for the work you need to do.

Third of all -- and very importantly -- if class is cancelled on Tuesday, I will get your graded Essay 1 to you over email. Yes, even if you submitted by hard copy, I'll get that essay to you; I'll scan it and email you a PDF of the picture.

Whatever happens, let's do our best to make sure that we don't get frozen in our tracks (sorry for the pun).


Finally, here are the things that won't change this week, regardless of whether class is cancelled or not:

-- Your Essay 2 first draft will still be due this week. To remind you, I will accept only drafts that are posted on your group blog. I will not accept drafts that are emailed to me. And please do your best to make sure your draft is formatted clearly for reading.

-- Spring Break is not going to be cancelled. All of next week is Spring Break.

-- During Spring Break, even though there's no class, you will still have to post a critique in the comments section of your critique partner's Essay 2 first draft. (And remember: If your critique partner doesn't post a draft, write a critique for someone else, whomever you want. In such an event, it's your critique partner who loses points for not submitting a draft; so don't let yourself lose points, too.)

-- Also, during Spring Break, I will still expect to get a search submitted from each one of you, in the form of a document from you (posted on your group blog) containing your developing Works Cited page (or, in other words, a list of the citations for all the articles you've used in your research so far). On this Works Cited page, please follow up each citation with a few comments about the content and effectiveness of the article that this citation refers to.

-- Lastly, please continue to keep up with any announcements that I make here during Spring Break.

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