Saturday, March 29, 2014

Scores Report: Write-Ups 3 & 4 (and your reading assignment)

Here's a link to your scores on Write-Ups 3 and 4 (organized by the last four digits of your student ID):

Remember: The way I give points to write-ups is simple. I have four parameters that I give points to, and for each parameter, you either get a point or you don't. These parameters are ...

1) The summary section (basically, whether it's clear, organized, and finished), 
2) The response section (similarly, whether it's clear and organized, but also whether it matches the depth and organization of the summary somehow; in other words, are you responding to the ideas you're summarizing, as well as thoroughly developing your own point?), 
3) The citation (whether you did it or not, and whether you included most of the basic citation details for the article), and 
4) The overall write-up (whether or not you have a clear, complete, and organized overall write-up).

So take a look at your score, especially if you have anything other than a 4/4, and see if you can figure out which of these parameters you need to work on. I'll give you an initial hint: Many of you aren't doing so well on #2. (And, just as an added note to those who submitted your write-up late: I do take off a point for late submissions.)


Finally, please read the next chapter in Atul Gawade's book, Better. This chapter is titled, "The Score," and it's goes from page 169 to 200. So it's not a short chapter. Whether or not we get to discuss all of it doesn't matter. In fact, whether or not we get to discuss it at all doesn't matter, either. What matters is this: It seems to me that your writing is improving as a result of reading Gawande's book. I'm seeing both Gawande's well-structured writing and his analytical approach to health topics come out in your writing, too -- in your own unique styles, of course. So let's keep going through this book, and let's keep working on emulating strong writing practices and making them our own.

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