Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Your Sample Search & Other Reminders

I hope you're having a good spring break. For a quick update on your Essay 2 Draft 1 scores, scroll down and check out the post right before this one. But don't forget that you have homework due this week, too. Let me give you some quick notes about that.

-- First, for those of you still thinking deeply about your sample search, maybe you're worried about doing your search and submitting it properly. Here is a short breakdown of the assignment: 
(Be aware: Those of you who have already submitted your search, you're fine. You do not need to submit another search.)

-- Second, for those of you thinking deeply about your critiques (And remember: You have two [2] critiques due this Thursday night, for two [2] different classmates!), you might be worried about how to fill a 500 word critique. That's understandable. But I'll answer this concern very simply: Your critiques are your responsibility, not anybody else's. If you write an insufficient critique, only you lose points. Now, let's just look at the matter a little bit more closely: If there isn't enough to write about in your partners' critiques, then you could easily write about what's not there! Make suggestions; ask questions; invite your critique partners to say more or to organize their drafts better. Use critical thinking and write effectively -- that's what I'm always asking for.

I'm looking forward to seeing your good work. Your research advice was inspiring, and now I only want to read more of your ideas.

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