Monday, March 17, 2014

More Snow

It happened: We got more snow, and classes were cancelled for today. In situations like this, there's a small chance that classes get cancelled tomorrow, so we might not meet for our usual class. But please note: I will still expect you to keep up with readings, assignments, and deadlines. In fact, there's a very important deadline this week, the deadline for your Essay 2 final copy. I don't intend to cancel this deadline for any reason.

Here's the plan: If we're forced to cancel class tomorrow, I would ask you to please email your essay to me. But if class indeed gets cancelled, and only in that event, I will extend the submission deadline by a day, until Wednesday night, 11:59 PM.

Be aware: For now, the deadlines are the same as on the syllabus -- hard copies due by the start of class, and emailed copies (in .doc or .docx attachments only) due before 11:59 PM that night. If we don't cancel class, these deadlines will stay exactly as they are. Either way, I will make no special exceptions whatsoever. Either I get your essay on time or I don't; that's that.

For now, keep watching the developments on and the weather channels, and I'll keep you posted as well as I can.

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